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Happily, the two of you have a knack for bringing out the best in each other. The two of you love all forms of art, including theater, music, dance, and painting. This sign always seems to have everything together, from their impeccable wardrobe to their well-stocked pantry.

Libra Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

And though you can always depend on this sign to have their refrigerator stocked with your favorite brand of sparkling water, it can be a bit daunting to be friends with such a perfectionist. If you still have questions about your specific friendship situation, the Tarot can help.

The two of you share a love of grace and beauty and can spend hours just admiring the architecture of historic places. Neither one of you likes to take decisive action Naturally, you have tons of interests in common and may enjoy graceful sports like ballet and ice skating.

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Playing music can be another source of pleasure for you both. If you manage to tease any information out of this sign and you probably can, considering your charm , you could be shocked. Similarly, this sign loves the fact that a polished person like yourself can let loose with a wicked laugh. Is there ever any tension between you? Well, yes. Sagittarius gets a teeny bit tired of your debating every single point of their arguments, while you cringe at their tactless remarks.

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Still, you can always smooth things over with your favorite activities, like sports, partying, and eating al fresco. Get your full Astrology birth chart with our Essential Birth Report now, and start having better experiences with everyone around you.

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Your Capricorn pal is here to challenge you in fundamental ways. The two of you have little in common, save for your leadership abilities. Therefore, a power struggle is bound to break out between you. Still, you do have an affinity for beautiful vistas and may enjoy hikes and nature walks. Discussing politics can also be a stimulating pastime for you.

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This is a lovely friendship that is destined to give much pleasure to you both. You love to talk and Aquarius likes to listen.

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You enjoy throwing parties and Aquarius enjoys attending them. On the other hand, you can be a trifle bossy, which rubs this free spirit the wrong way.

Libra Personality Traits (Libra Traits and Characteristics)

They can be extremely seductive without even realizing that they are doing it… it just comes naturally to them! Libra is the kind of friend that will drop everything to give a friend their ear when they need it. They believe strongly in not judging a book by its cover and prefer to keep an open mind when going into new situations and meeting new people. Like all of the Air signs the Libra can be quite unpredictable at times and just when you think that you have them all sussed out they will go and do something that you never saw coming.

Libra Woman: Overview & Personality Traits

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Libra would prefer to lose an argument than lose a friendship.