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Each year of this 12 year Life and Problems go hand in hand. Human is always in search of remedies to come out of the problems The sade-sati or adhaiya of transit saturn makes terror among the public. From ancient times, many scientific methods are popular for making predictions Palmistry, numerology Choice of color of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind. Many times we see that b In the previous article April-June we dealt with the shakals and planets allotted to them for t In our universe there are crores of stars and this is not one single universe of its kind rathe Rao Astrology is a Vedic science.

It has astronomy as its base.

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For preparing a comprehe What is Panchang? Vedic Astrology divides time into five fundamental parts together called the Pa What is Ephemeris An Ephemeris is table of values which gives the information about the position Transit is the current position of the planets in sky. The transit of the planets is seriously invol As we know Moon is the fastest planet of the zodiac and completes its circle in about 27 plus days. The purpose of Education is the upliftment of Human Beings. Education stems from two basic roots nam Modern architecture sometimes gets so much obsessed with the ideas like economy, life-style, functio Numerology is based on the ancient idea that each of us is a spiritual being or a soul who incarnate Jul In the first part of this article an exampled horoscope was discussed to determine the financial sta Oct Important: Any prediction or analysis of a birth chart depends upon the accuracy of horoscope and bi A doctor commands high respect in society and so is medical profession.

In this paper the author has As the meaning suggests thus any relation between the lords of various houses give rise to a Yog, wh Our sages and Rishis propounded various rules for delineation of horoscope.

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These rules and combinat Badhaka means obstructtion and Badhakasthan is houses of harm and this can take various forms from In modern era, it has become the dream of each and every one to travel abroad. Many of them aspires Astrology can forewarn us so that we forearm ourselves to fight with a disease whereas it is not po Panch Pakshi system propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints is unfailing as it is based on natural In the earlier part results pertaining to Karakamsha lagana and Uppapada lagna and the various ho Apr As already mentioned that Karakamsha is most important part of Jaimini Astrology hence it will be de After dealing Arudha lagna and Karakamsha Lagna now the Sage deals with Up-pada which in fact nothin If we peep through our classics on astrology, there are innumerable yogas which are used in deciding Maharishi Jaimini suggests a unique method of deciphering the horoscope.

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The sage suggests a met This article has been divided into three parts. Each and every person attached to astrological pursuits holds very high opinion whenever the 11th In this paper I have specifi In this issue of Research Journal there are articles on various topics like future of India in , the year for you, sakat yoga, marital happiness, horary astrology, sakat yoga, karkamsha, vastu, numerology and alternative dasha etc.

Future Samachar. Please wait page is loading No Thanks Get this offer. Get Offer. Home Astrology Horary Astrology. Articles in this Issue Related Articles Views : Querent Sincere Or Not Some of the combinations of an insincere query or querent are visible in horary chart and in presence of such a combination, one should not answer the query, the combinations are as under: 1.

When the Moon is posited in ascendant, Saturn in any angle kendra and Mercury is combust. The Moon in ascendant aspected by Mercury and Mars. Lord of 7th aspected by Jupiter, Mercury or a planet that should be inimical to 7th lord. Here are some combinations when astrologer should avoid answering a query: 1.

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If the ascendant is in first degrees of a sign from Aquarius to Gemini. If ascendant falls on or after 27 degrees of a sign. If Saturn is in last degrees of Taurus, Gemini or Capricorn. If the cusp of 6th house is afflicted. If the lord of 7th house is retrograde.

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Current Panchang and Planetary Position. Sa Ke. Lagna D-1 Lagna Kundali tells about our overall life. Read More. Connect us. Thanks for visiting Namaste! Lagna D Sa Ke 9. Me Ve 7.

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    Now Sun is in Kanya Month. Sun is in Rishabha Veedhi.

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